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GRIT Tracker- A Special Experience

"Girls Respond with Increased Tenacity"

This unique program was created to encourage girls to take ownership for their own success.  GSA girls earn "GRITs" throughout their time at Girls Sports Academy.   Every season has a new theme and a new focus.  Girls earn GRITs when they take risks, work on their sports, attend events, share their gifts, make new friends and so much more.  The goal is to work on confidence by building themselves from the inside out.

GRIT Tracker Packages

Bring the GRIT Tracker to your community!

Fall 2023
Building your Tree

WM BBall Game #5.JPG

W&M Events
Fall & Winter 2022-2023

Winter & Spring 2023

GSA Spring 23-32(1)_edited.jpg

Spring 2023
Grow Your Flower

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