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Spring 2024
April 15th - May 15th


Mondays @ Jamestown HS

Wednesday @ Matthew Whaley

Ages 2nd-5th Grade

Time: 5:30-7:00pm

(Lacrosse, Track&Field,

Golf, Tennis, Flag Football, and more)

1-Day Cost: $150 (5 sessions)

Former GSA/Sibling/Military $125


2-Day Cost: $250 (10 sessions)

Former GSA/Sibling/Military $200

GSA Last Day Gracie Lacrosse.jpg

GSA Summer Camps
Open March 1st

Advanced GSA

*Prior GSA Experience or Advanced Level

Game-Related Training

Wednesday Nights

July 10th-Aug.7th

5-6:30pm: 3rd grade-4th grade 6:30-8pm: 5th-7th grade

*Sports: Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis/PB



*Beginner or limited GSA

10 sports in 5 weeks

Rising 2nd grade-6th Grade
Tuesday/Thursday Nights

July 8th-Aug.8th


Small Group Summer Training

Soccer: Tuesday Mornings

&/or Saturday Mornings

All Summer long

*Inquire directly with

Coach Lydia

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