We have a YouTube Channel!

Girls Sports Academy has a YouTube channel exclusively for its participants.  Videos made by coaches for mulitple sports to help girls practice/improve.

Welcome to the
Girls Sports Academy!

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What is GSA?

Girls deserve the best training environment possible to thrive in sports and in life.
At Girls Sports Academy (GSA), we focus on "Building the Girl" by tailoring our training to support girls wherever they are on their developmental journey.  Girls will play between 5-10 sports in a given session to build different muscle groups while simultaneoulsy learning proper mechanics and technical/tactical knowledge.

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"A girl's self-esteem drops by 30% between the ages of 8 and 14."

The Confidence Code- a book written by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

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Testimonial by

Mary Beth and Nick Sablan

“Coach Lydia started coaching our daughter at the age of six.  She instilled the love of soccer almost immediately with her engaging practices and overall dedication to the team.  It wasn’t just about soccer, but teaching the girls accountability, competitive spirit, and passion, all attributes she’s taken to other areas of her life.  Empowering our daughter on the field has led to success in school, various other sports in addition to soccer (basketball, volleyball, swimming), and community engagement.  We are grateful Maddie had this experience so early on with such an impactful coach.”